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Tricia Marton developed It’s JUST Music Theory™ to help students master challenging music theory concepts. The game covers intermediate and advanced level music theory topics in an interactive platform that students find engaging.


It is designed for 4 players who move about the game board and answer questions to test and improve their mastery of a wide range of theory concepts. 

Concepts covered include terms, intervals, spelling triads, chord functions, and key signatures. While enhancing overall music theory knowledge, the game provides questions geared specifically toward progressive music theory tests. Replaying the game allows students to encounter new variables and new tests, reinforcing their learning.

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Image by Weston MacKinnon
It's Just Music Theory - all components.

(1) Game board

(1) Six-sided numbered die

(1) Letter spinner

(3) Decks of cards (purple, pink and teal) at various theory levels

(4) Game pieces

(15) Mini key signature cards

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WiSys is seeking strategic partners interested in production scale-up and market and distribution expansion of this music theory board game and smartphone app. Additional opportunities may exist for development of derivative works.

Image by Kiy Turk

"Not only are my students getting a kick out of playing Tricia’s game in our video-chat lessons, but now my music teacher Facebook friends are all wanting to play it, too."

-Margaret Burton
The Burton Piano Studio, Neenah, WI

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